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Let's Celebrate With A Mini Fall Tour

October 10, 2013

I'm 6 months old!!  October marks my 6 month anniversary for my blog!!  I have learned a lot and met so many nice people along the way. Will you celebrate with me?  Please gather around my table, make yourself at home, feel free to grab some apples, and enjoy the tour.

I purchased roses & apples for a simple table setting.

My favorite part of blogging is taking pictures.  I think it is so much fun looking through the lens and setting up the objects.  I love looking at decorating magazines and all the pretty pictures of homes.  I wish I could jump inside one and pretend I live there.  (just for a moment anyway)

Do you think of using roses to decorate for fall?   I picked these roses because of the colors. They are similar to the colors of the apples.  The roses give the table a fresh look.  The apples say it's fall.



Favorite Spot To Sit

Thanks for the visit hope you enjoyed the tour!

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