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Simple Black & White Heart Banner

January 12, 2017

Black and White for Valentine's Day?  It doesn't always have to be red and pink!  By keeping it neutral you can enjoy this sweet banner all year long.  

This would look pretty hanging in a bedroom, closet, craft room, playroom or kitchen.  I have it hanging in my workroom. 

Here is how I recycled vintage sheet music to make this simple black and white banner.

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The inspiration for this project came from vintage sheet music that was my father's.  He played the cornet as a child.  What an amazing color red I can't believe how vibrant it is after all these years.

First I traced around a heart on top of the music. You can make your own hearts or purchase a pack at the craft store.



Small wooden letters


This took a bit longer to complete.... as you see my manager was around and he just didn't like any of my ideas.   Yes, he managed to knock everything I had for this project onto the floor.

I braided black and white embroidery yarn.  Yes, call me crazy!  I had no idea it would take me over an hour to braid!  Seriously you can skip this part and just use one strand of yarn.  

Use a hole puncher to make the holes, then thread the yarn through the holes.

I embellished the hearts with buttons, pretty cloth roses that I recycled from my daughter's baby clothes and earrings.    

That's it!
 I hung this precious banner in my workroom along with the other vintage sheet music and a silhouette of my daughter when she was five.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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