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January 7, 2014

Hi Friends

I cleaned the closest area in my workroom, it is where I keep sewing items like buttons, ribbons, thread & collections of items I've saved over the years.

While cleaning I found this little inspirational sign.  I've had it before I started this blog.

I put the sign here with all the sewing items

 And Started To Organize
 I lined up all the repurposed drawers on the shelf in the closet.  The shelves were drawers from an old entertainment center.  You can read about it here

Using Jars to hold your stuff

All this stuff was stored in a cardboard shoebox & whenever I needed a button or thread I would have to dig through the box. I know you've been there right?.... everything gets tangled and you can't find that one button you're looking for. 

I came up with an idea to store all sewing items in jars.  Once I saved enough jars I organized the buttons with like colors & put them in the jelly jars, all the elastic went into a mason jar and the ribbons in a fishbowl.  So now I just go to whatever jar I need. No need to rummage through a box anymore.  
Ah, Freedom!  

By The Way
My favorite pretty jars are the Bonne Maman jelly jars.
I also save the not so pretty jars to store paint for paint projects.
Yes that's Mary Poppins
I Love Her!
Don't you?

My Shabby Chic clock (well it used to be a clock till it stopped working and I tried to replace the clock mechanics, got frustrated and just took the whole thing out.  Now it has new life holding tags, birthday invitations or notes. I really like its new function.
The driftwood in a jar makes me think of summer. Plus I plan on making something with it.

I Love Tags!!
Not sure where I got the Democracy tag or The Extra Buttons but I loved them, saved them and I'm glad I did

I've had this little mending kit for years, I love its union label logo and the saying 

Here are my buttons (some are vintage)
Size M what can I say.... That's Me.  I'm also a Middle child and a Mom

Thread and Needles 
And everyone needs a crown while their sewing... right?   I don't own a sewing machine.  I  hand stitch, mend clothes & I enjoy no-sew projects here & here   It works for me.

Some times you need a lot of buttons, needles, and thread to Create
Or Recreate A Life

Create something that feels good on the inside and it will show on the outside.  Great inspiration for a  fresh start in the New Year!  So Create My Friends!!!

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