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Painted Mirror Using A Simple Chalk Paint Recipe

February 17, 2015

Hey, there everyone I hope you're staying warm.  Yesterday the Northeast was hit again with another snowstorm.  Wind chills below zero....burrrr.   I am definitely staying indoors doing a little painting.

Today I'm sharing an easy recipe for chalk paint.  
This is my first time using chalk paint and I really like the results.    


I purchased this mirror a few years ago.  I love the shape and the details of the mirror but not the color.  A bit too dark for my taste.  

I am a beach girl at heart and I'm longing for warm summer days..  I wanted to change the look of this mirror and give it a coastal vibe.  I thought of the colors of gray and white, the kind you see on wood decks and oceanfront homes off the coast of  Long Island... 

My inspiration: Pictures I took a couple of years ago at the end of our street 

Two sample latex paint colors: cream delight and feathered fern.
 purchased at Lowe's for $2.98 each.
gray craft paint had on hand
medium size paintbrush
palm sander
rags for wiping

I mixed the paint sample colors together to achieve one cup.

Here is how I got my coastal weathered look using this:

1 Cup Latex Paint (one sample container = one cup)
1/4 Cup Baking Soda
Mix Well
Apply Two Coats
Two coats cover it nicely

I did not sand before I painted.  Look how nice the paint covered up the brown.

After the paint dried I gave it a coat of gray craft paint mixed with a splash of water.  I brushed it on then wiped it off until I reached my desired color of gray.  After that dried, I went over the entire piece with the palm sander scuffing it up and making it smooth as butter.  
I left the columns white and sanded them so some of the black and gold show through.

This mirror weighs a with the help of my hubby, we hung it in the entryway of our living room.  In the mirror, you can see a sneak peek of a roadside find my husband found.
  You will not believe what someone threw away.  Stay tuned for that upcoming post.

As it gets closer to summer I will decorate around it with a beach theme.

But for now, it will be winter boots and warm scarfs.

Even though I'm longing for the beach, our Molly girl would much rather play in the snow then swim in the water. 

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