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How To Make A Pom-Pom Snowball

February 10, 2016

Hi, friends...Are you enjoying the winter or are you thinking of spring?  I have spring on my mind, but mother nature...thinks differently.  It's been snowing here for the past three days so I've been busy making snowballs...not the frosty kind but warm fuzzy snowballs made with yarn.


 I put together an easy tutorial for you to follow  

You will need:
yarn, scissors and your hand

Cut a strand of yarn about six to twelve inches long and lay it on a flat surface.  
You will use it later to tie your pom-pom


Using the skein drape a strand of yarn over the front of your hand


Wrap the yarn loosely around your hand about 100 times


Carefully slide the yarn from your hand and place it on top of the piece you previously cut.


Lift both sides up and tie a tight knot on top of  the rolled yarn


 Tie a tight knot!!

Next cut all the loops

After all the loops are cut, the soon to be pom-pom will have a lot of spider legs

Don't worry you are heading in the right direction. 

Hold your pom-pom in one hand and give it a good trim all around.


 Keep trimming until it is round like a ball.

This is what it should look like when you are finished.


You can cut off the two long pieces of yarn or leave them intact.
 It all depends on how you want to use your pom-pom.

For easy cleaning up use a Ziploc bag to store all the fuzzy clippings.
The clippings can be used for stuffing for other craft projects.


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My Repurposed Life said...


I love how cute these pom poms are! I use to make them years ago for random stuff... for tennis shoes etc. So fun!


Julie Nichols said...

Thanks so much Gail for the visit and for pinning!!

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