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Driftwood map sailboat

August 4, 2016

Driftwood is a natural way to add nautical decor to your home for the summer.  I found driftwood on the beach and made two sailboats.  Did you know you can use just about any kind of material to make the sail?   Last year I made one using leftover upholstery fabric and the other day I made one using a map from my chart kit.  Yes, the same maps I used to make the frame in my previous post.  If you would like to make a driftwood sailboat, I put together a simple tutorial for you to follow.



material to make the sail
hot glue gun
mod podge
card stock

Here is the driftwood I used.  It is a charred piece I found on the beach.  For the mast, I used a stick that I found in my yard.


Step 1

 I used my hot glue gun to glue the stick on top of the driftwood, right in the middle. 

Step 2

You can use any type of paint you'd like.  I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish called refreshing. It is the same paint I used to paint the frame. After the paint dried I added touches of gold metallic paint.  Now that the boat and mast are painted, it is time to move on to making the sail.


Make a template
Since my material for the sail is paper, I used cardstock in between to make it sturdy.  I chose the green and pink cardstock for instruction purposes so you can see how I made the sail. 


Measure the height of the mast, this will determine the size of your sail.  Using that measurement lay the ruler flat on top of the card stock and draw a line, next cut on the line. After your first piece is cut you will then flip it in the opposite direction and draw a line and cut that piece. These two pieces will be used as a template and also in between the paper.  Lay the template on top of your material draw a line on the inner edge and cut.  


Next, paint a coat of mod podge on the template and adhere to the cut-out paper maps to both sides of the template. Then seal the maps by giving them one coat of mod podge.
After it is dry use a hot glue gun to glue the sail's to the mast.

That's it, you just made a driftwood sailboat!





Homeroad said...

I love these... and I have those maps!
Great project :)

Julie Nichols said...

Thank you Susan!

Lisa said...

I love anything with maps. Very nice work.

Pondside said...

That's adorable. It would make a perfect table decoration for a summer buffet. Thank you!

Amelia Mia said...

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