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Repurpose a cardboard soda carrier into a flower box

September 8, 2016

I am notorious for giving junk a fresh new life and incorporating it into my home.  I created a flower box using a cardboard soda carrier!  Yes.....that's right, something that was destined for the trash has a new life as a weathered wood look flower box.



empty cardboard bottle carrier

small glass bottles

acrylic paint in any color

foam paint brushes

wooden craft numbers or letters

craft paint


hot glue gun


I used gray exterior acrylic paint that I had on hand to paint the carrier.  

Use a foam paint brush and brush on one coat of the gray paint & let it dry. Then cover the gray paint with turquoise and burnt umber craft paint; let that dry. Then give it a final coat of the gray paint.

For the last step, distress the entire carrier with sandpaper. Now the turquoise, burnt umber and some of the original colors on the box show through. This technique gives the cardboard a weathered wood look. 

Now it is time to paint the numbers. I purchased the numbers at Michaels

I used several different craft paints.{turquoise, white, green, black and gold metallic} Paint the numbers using all of the colors one at a time, let dry between coats.  Then distress the numbers with sandpaper.  Next hot glue the numbers on the front and back of the carrier.   

 Place the bottles filled with water inside in each divider and place flower clippings inside each of the bottles.  I used these pretty hydrangeas from my yard. 

This flower box would look pretty sitting on a front porch. 
You can personalize it by gluing your house number or your last name on it.

Have you completed a repurpose project lately? 
 I would love to know what you repurposed!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a great looking, green re-purpose project! So handy that it is already partitioned, too! Beautiful with the hydrangea, and so many ways to use it all year!

Julie Nichols said...

Thank you Linda!

Linda at Mixed Kreations said...

What a Super cute idea for repurposing soda carriers. You did a great job! Love it!

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